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romanticizing the trans native? or how to avoid a critical mistake

no, this isn’t about the article of a similar title although it is related to the notion of what it means to romanticize iaopoc genders. it is something i have somewhat talked about before, that white gq and/or non-binary people will use the existence of iaopoc genders to legitimize their own genders, and while doing […]

on economic arguments for human rights

I was originally going to post this at GirlsLikeUs News. but. it just feels… off. Not necessarily because of the content (I haven’t read the whole report) but because of the method. I really hate economic arguments for moral good. Like, this report basically boils down to “lack of rights costs money! therefore, trans people […]

one thing i don’t get

is why, exactly, people often think that ‘it is too hard/costly/whatever’ is a valid reason to argue against a course of action that would go a long way to improving the lives of many people. Like. I just saw the bathroom thing again. And, yeah, the best solution is single units with lockable doors. Of […]

honestly? this is a prime example of how white trans women frighten me sometimes.

so i just read this repost of Autumn Sandeen’s ‘why transgender activism’. And, it is pretty terrifying in its implications and the unabashed use of hegemonic discourse while making a massive disanalogy to the ‘API’ community and to the Black community.[1. note: I’m not going to say much about her analogies to the Black community […]

binarism: myths and reality

The pieces of how i conceive of binarism are sort of spread out amongst various posts. But, based on a twitter convo, it is time to make a single post that ties in all of these elements together. Before I start, I’m going to get these statements out of the way: Any white person invoking […]

note to self: it is still transmisogyny when you do it

I wrote a long post earlier today about why i hate the media stories on trans ‘children’. voz rightly called me out for generalizing when the problem, as always, is how the media portrays trans girls (and, yes, i’m well aware that the media also discusses trans boys, not the point). I even mention in […]

why i refuse to link to stories about trans kids on @GirlsLikeUsNews

@rebelwolf on twitter asked me the other day why I won’t link to stories on trans kids — you can read some of my responses at the link. I figured this deserves a full post. Mostly because this really fucking matters. A lot. From my tweets there are two main reasons why I cannot stand […]