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here is a thing i don’t like

some trans 101 coming your way I dn’t like when people tell me, after i’ve given them my preferred pronouns and new name that “it’ll take me a while to get used to, so i’m sorry if i mess up” no. I know you will probably mess up. people act like i, myself, have never […]

Gender: A Gentle Introduction

This is a thing that i did…. You can [find the transcript here][4] buy it here! My internet is being super weird though and the upload is being a jerkface.

look, ma, i’m professional writer!

excerpt from a book in progress: Actually… You know what? Fuck Teich and his bullshit white mythology in this chapter. I could write an entire book, on its own, for all the reasons why his ‘history of transgenderism and evolution in modern times’ is so full of lies, omissions, white supremacist garbage. From his white-washed […]

The PEW report on LGB Americans

Has anyone read the report? The entire report continuously talks about “LGBT’ this and ‘lgbt’ that. How many of the 1197 respondents were trans? 43. This is less than 5% of their sample (well, they call it five, but im not sure where they got that no from). Here is what they write in a […]

oh. on the recent demise of bill c-279

so the past few days have been busy enough that I haven’t had time to mention that parliament has gone on their summer vacay which means that the trans rights bill (bill c-279) will have to start the process all over in the senate if (as is expected) the PM prorogues and does a new […]

welp. looks like i’m definitely not doing TO’s trans march

When organizer Nicki Ward is asked about having members of the Toronto Police join this year’s Transgender March down Yonge Street, she opts to quote a line from Casablanca. “This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” June 28 will mark the first time the police have participated in the Pride-affiliated Trans March, which […]

i officially hate everything

the cis white lesbian senator has proposed an amendment to bill c-279 because she is a bullshit terf at heart this is the furthest the trans rights/gender identity non-discrimination law has got. this has the chance of killing the bill entirely if the senate votes ‘yes’ on the amendment (because this session will end at […]