This post won’t leave me be to play Super Mario RPG, so I’m writing it and moving on. Not too long ago, on tumblr, I saw that someone described the denial of a cis Black woman’s womanhood as ‘transmisogyny’ (could’ve even been ‘misdirected transmisogyny’). If memory serves, it was in the context of saying that […]

I find myself still troubled and irritated by this series of tweets on Canada’s (failed) Bill C279. The first tweet says that the bill would ‘protect trans folks from hate crimes’ which is… a lie. Laws will not protect trans women from anything, but especially not from hate crimes. At best, this law would apply […]

like. i know where this phrase originates and why and how it is used… but it is that sort of perverse d00dbr0 logic that puts marginalized people in a bind: reddit trash constantly berates SJWs for being ‘speshul snowflakes’ while insisting that many of us also uncritically and unthinkingly are just parrots for tumblr SJ […]

Yesterday’s thing with the whole odofemi shit coming up and getting triggered by the situation all over again makes me think that there is a principle I’ve been living by for the past year or two that is worth repeating: I don’t provide receipts for calling my oppressors, oppressors anymore That one response to the […]

One sleep later, I still find myself vaguely annoyed by this response to my tweet collection on the history of the sexuality/gender distinction. Here is the comment reproduced in full: I had no idea about the transmisogyny/transmisogynoir in the history of the concept of separation between sex and gender (and orientation for that matter). That […]

again this post isn’t for white ppl. don’t reblog or share if ur white i’m thinking (again or still) about tattooing amongst filipin@s in the diaspora… and (of course) the issue of appropriation and our Indigenous ppls… So. Like. In exploring some of what it might mean to both preserve and continue the current living […]

I would’ve reblogged this post by ‘this is not pilipinx’ on non-Kalinga ppl getting Kalinga tattoos. Their basic answer was: if you are of F/Pilipinx descent and thinking of getting tattooed in [the Kalinga] style, I feel that there‚Äôs no harm in it I have to disagree… there can be a great deal of harm […]