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the concession of language

(Originally posted at Womanist Musings. Posting here for archival purposes.) I had an interesting discussion about language and the trans* community. One thing that I’ve been discussing a lot in my posts here has been the hegemonic discourse of the white trans community. How they police language very heavily and use it in ways that […]

I was all geared up to write a post… about colonialism and gender and stuff.

But. I tried. And then failed. In part because my bf kept interrupting me but also because I was annoyed with him. Also, they cleaned the halls of my building with something strong that is making me sneeze, so I’m feeling super drowsy from anti-histamines. Blech. The post was going to be about: R*dfems and […]

Some preliminary thoughts on dfab privilege (does it even exist?)

(ETA: if the context for the post doesn’t make it clear, I intend for this post to be between poc only. It is a conversation I’m having with another poc.) Here is the context for this post. First, I think, from what I’ve seen dfab (d = designated) people are ‘privileged’ in trans contexts because […]

The safest are the most privileged

(This was originally posted at Womanist Musings. Reprinting here for archival purposes.) No, seriously, are there safe communities? Perhaps my post at the beginning of last week was an inauspicious beginning to the week with everything that went down with SnowdropExplodes. I do find it ironic beyond belief that I began the week at WM reflecting on […]

Are there safe communities?

(This was originally posted at Womanist Musings. Reprinting here for archival purposes.) So… I’ve been thinking more about my posts on WM these past few weeks and a thought occurred to me while looking it over… The whole notion behind a common umbrella term as a means for political organizing and solidarity is not only in danger […]

Genderescent: to become your gender, an alternative to ‘trans’ for non-cis poc. Because the trans community has a whiteness problem.

(originally posted on my tumblr) I think I’m gonna go with Genderescent it not only sounds the best but represents a concept I feel good about. That we are becoming ourselves, not ‘crossing over’ some gender binary that may not even apply to the culture you are from. So. Genderescents are those non-cis PoC who […]

Thoughts on Glee 3×16: Realness can be dangerous

In seeing the debates over Kurt’s gender ID, I”m little amused ’cause I thought Kurt’s gender ID was a settled question… Like doesn’t he say once or twice, “I’m a guy.” Like. Out loud. On screen? Whatever. Having a trans character could have been rife with fail but they pretty much nailed it. What is […]

More on the trans* umbrella

(This was originally posted at Womanist Musings. Reprinting here for archival purposes.) Over at TransGriot, there has been a very fascinating and educational series of posts about the trans* umbrella. The first part details the origins of the umbrella term and why it was chosen, while part two discusses why an umbrella term is needed. In the […]

The distinction between gender and sexuality

(This was originally posted at Womanist Musings. Reprinting here for archival purposes.) It is a regular part of many Trans 101 discussions to highlight how gender and sexuality are separate and not the same thing (see here, here, here, and here). At all. What few people appear to realize that if this statement has any truth, it […]

WM Post 2: Imperialism by another name

(This was originally posted at Womanist Musings. Reprinting here for archival purposes.) Is still imperialism. Recently, my (and many others’) Facebook and Twitter feed was full of people happily congratulating the USA and Hilary Clinton for this “historic speech,” regarding queer rights in the big, wide world. Most of the commentary I’ve read has been […]

Still processing #transchat, safe spaces, and communities

It was an interesting learning experience for me (and something which has happened since, I’ll get into this later). It was, really, my first time engaging the trans* community in any meaningful fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I know other trans* people, but I don’t really engage with the ‘community’ especially not in terms of […]

binarism and colonialism

This is a convo happening on tumblr. Go here for the context. I want to have a talk about binarism. But with some serious shifts in the discussion because what I’ve no interest in saying is: That binary trans people have anything to do with a special oppression for non-binary people. That white non-binary people […]

so I’m settling down on an anglo word for my gender…

Although, it isn’t necessarily gonna make many people happy, but I’m fine with that. So (drum roll please), I’m gonna use ladyboy. Which, yeah, is a total fucking slur if coming out of a white mouth. So, respectful white people should stick with bakla, but not too many people seem to know what to do […]

A few thoughts on this week’s #transchat

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about how everything went down. First. It was almost laughable how, when I entered the conversation, people where remarking how quiet it was. Because it was supposed to be about TPoC, but ain’t none of us knew about it or were much participating. Second. White trans* folk […]

A few gifs on Blaine’s body language during the kilt scene

I find this scene so fascinating, since we have kurt wearing a skirt (I’m gonna say right now that I don’t give a fuck about how any gender norm tries to pretend that kilts are substantively different than skirts simply because men are supposed to wear them, I don’t give a fuck about the absurd […]