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geographies of self

As I read this article I find myself again noticing that certain geography of self that I’m reminded of my post about cartesian dualism. The author of this blog post makes continuous use of spatial metaphors to establish her point: “The external factors have nothing to do nothing to alter our internal reality” or “some […]

on the sad necessity of laws

Ashlyn Parram, 16, turned up for her first examination in tights, skirt and blazer — but was told by teachers to go home and change into the boys’ school uniform. The furious teen printed off a copy of the law on sex discrimination, which includes specific legislation on the treatment of transgenders and transsexuals, and […]

white trans men being white

There is this white trans group on tumblr and they recently posted this. Their stated goal is to serve the trans male community (they left out ‘white’ because it really is). If you click through the link, you’ll see that they’ve come up with a proscriptive set of advice for respecting trans people. I’d imagine […]

*Feminists* coined ‘gender dysphoria’!?

Feminists and others have coined another great term, “gender dysphoria.” That’s when you feel one way inside, but your body dictates that people react to you as if you were somebody else. via I was a Teenage Sexist | Unwinnable. I was digging this article until I got to this point… Feminist ‘and others’ have […]

stories I want to see in film

I mentioned on tumblr that I’d prefer to watch a movie featuring a genderescent person playing video games for 5 hours over seeing yet another transition story of some white person. This is true. I also mentioned that such a movie would be more honest and more real. And in many ways it would be. […]

Today in things that make me rage

I’m gonna link to my comments on tumblr about this kickstarter project. Some (seemingly) white genderqueer has decided to make a movie about their transition. Boring, I know (because who needs to see yet another white person transition??? Not me.). Anyway, the subtitle of the movie is something about them being a third gender. How […]

The colonial quote from Whipping Girl

Further, had I been born in some other country, I might have developed a very different transgender identity. Examples of MTF spectrum transgender people in other cultures include Indian hijras, Brazilian transvestis, Thai katoeys, and Native American “berdaches,” or “two-spirited people.”6 These transgender identities differ not only in name but in their customs, practices, and social roles. Part of the reason these groups differ relates to the fact that their cultures place more emphasis on certain gender inclinations over others. In some cultures, a person’s gender expression plays a larger role in determining gender than we experience in the United States. Other cultures seem to place more emphasis on whether the person in question engages in sexual relationships with women or men. In our culture, we divide people into two groups—females and males—almost exclusively based on their physical sex. Of course, many physical sex characteristics are not readily visible to us, so it is more correct to say that we tend to rely exclusively on genital sex when assigning a person’s sex at birth; with children, we rely on gender expression and roles; with adults, we rely primarily on secondary sex characteristics.

– Julia Serano, Whipping Girl

I’m just putting this quote up here. I’ll be coming back to this later…(to talk about all the things wrong with it).

On starting to read “Whipping Girl”

Mostly out of morbid curiousity about this ‘classic’ of trans theory or whatever. I live tweeted my reading up to chapter 7 (the link will take you to the archive for interested parties). A very quick summary of my impressions so far: 1. So white. 2. Like, holy fuck is this book white. 3. No. Seriously. […]

Flipside or a dose of positivity

(Originally posted at Womanist Musings. Posting here for archival purposes.) I’ve been doing a lot of criticism of the trans community on my posts here. And while trans discourse is in deep need of some anti-colonial criticism, it has tended to make it seem like I spend most of my time thinking about white trans […]

Bid to remove transgender sex change law

Transgender people could soon be spared the ”inhumane” requirement of sexual reassignment surgery to change their legal gender, thanks to a renewed push from legal and human rights bodies in Canberra. via Bid to remove transgender sex change law. Dear planet, I want every damn country in the world to do this. All of them. […]

Transgender Woman Files Suit Alleging Harassment While Jailed With Men |

A Washington, D.C., transgender woman is suing the Metropolitan Police Department and the U.S. Marshals Service, saying she was improperly housed with male inmates after being arrested in 2009. via Transgender Woman Files Suit Alleging Harassment While Jailed With Men | I hope she wins. Seriously. All the love and support to this woman.

Transgender woman appeals rape acquittal – The Local

When the woman was attacked, the offender allegedly had no idea he was attempting to rape someone who was biological man, a fact the court took into consideration in its ruling. via Transgender woman appeals rape acquittal – The Local. I know I’m late to the party with this one… and, now that I’ve arrived, […]

A decently written article about trans representation in the media

Repugnance is a common theme in the trans-people-as-jokes canon. But more prevalent is the element of deceit. Time and again in both comedic and dramatic films, transgender people are cast as deviant tricksters out to fool innocent victims into sleeping with them. This narrative plays upon two of America’s deepest fears: sexual vulnerability and humiliation. […]

Ashley Love, Quit Colonizing Isis King! | Ehipassiko

Love, STOP using Isis King to promote your deluded2 version of reality! Let Isis speak for herself. via Ashley Love, Quit Colonizing Isis King! | Ehipassiko. Now… I have some issues with someone saying that one Black person is colonizing another (since, if memory serves Ashley Love is also Black). Nonetheless…. Why does it become so […]

A story on some trans experiences in China

Youths are leading the shift toward tolerance of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community. Xu Jingxi in Guangzhou and Cheng Anqi in Beijing report. Xu Hui’s parents locked him in a mill, hired an exorcist and psychologists, and forced him to undergo acupuncture that accidentally pierced his lung, in order to “cure” his feminine […]