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*Feminists* coined ‘gender dysphoria’!?

Feminists and others have coined another great term, “gender dysphoria.” That’s when you feel one way inside, but your body dictates that people react to you as if you were somebody else. via I was a Teenage Sexist | Unwinnable. I was digging this article until I got to this point… Feminist ‘and others’ have […]

I was all geared up to write a post… about colonialism and gender and stuff.

But. I tried. And then failed. In part because my bf kept interrupting me but also because I was annoyed with him. Also, they cleaned the halls of my building with something strong that is making me sneeze, so I’m feeling super drowsy from anti-histamines. Blech. The post was going to be about: R*dfems and […]

An apology

I just wanted to write up a quick apology for this post. I wrote a post about misogyny in the gay community that was sort of a rant after dealing with gay men who expressed a great deal of disgust with vaginas. This discussion had a lot of privilege fail and one of this was […]

Misogyny in the Gay Community

ETA: I wrote this a while ago and totally realize (now) just how cissexist and transmisogynistic this post is. I’m sorry. I’ve posted an apology here and a much longer and complete apology here. One of my pet peeves is misogyny in the gay community. I have always found the way that this manifests in the […]

SJ Thoughts on Glee 3×6

The episode starts off with Puck reassuring us that his affair with Shelby isn’t statutory rape because he is eighteen. As if that actually mattered, since it utterly misses the point. The point is power. It is always about power. Shelby is in a position of power and responsibility over Puck. So she does have […]

The 10 ways Glee truly hates women…

So, I’ve been having this creeping feeling for years now and it was firmly cemented while watching my last Glee episode: Glee hates women. Or, rather, the three main writers Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennen, and Ryan Murphy hate women. They are misogynistic in especially vicious ways. It was also, sadly, easy for me to overlook […]

Manly Cities? Mix a cup of sexism with a dash of racism.

Easily one of the most ridiculous things that I’ve read, Sperling’s Best Places published a “Manliest Cities” ranking (for the USA). You can find it here: I don’t even know where to begin… But how about with their ‘emasculating category': Manly “Kryptonite” Category / Emasculating Criteria* Cities also lost points for an overabundance of […]