This is my personal soapbox. After much flopping about the internet, I’ve decided to make this my main posting and writing space. Mainly because, for all of my very early run in with radfems, this space still feels safest and most comfortable for me. Where I feel like I have the most freedom to post what I like and to express the ideas that are in my head.

Um… I think I’m also supposed to say something about me. I’m a bakla Tagalog. I’m strongly interested in anti-colonial politics and decolonization. Why this particular focus? Because it stands at the intersection of so many other oppressions that interest me: racism, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism. Probably my main areas of interest. Of course, the other areas of activism are important but less personally relevant to me.

My pronouns are ‘they’ ‘them’ ‘their.’

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