And… we’re back!

So my blog had apparently been flagged by the spam controls and, thusly, removed. :(

Obviously, you can see that I’m back. I’m considering going to independent hosting to prevent something like this from happening again… (I’m fairly certain that my crossposting with other places and using wordpress as my writing archive is what got me, in the end.)


From what I understand there were a few glee people concerned about it… (which is super touching! I was fairly certain that I was one of the type of bloggers that is reviled by fandom… for those quiet readers, do feel free to comment or ask questions. I’m sure you’ve seen me get into conversations with Jacq from deconstructing glee and other people. I know I occassionally get bitchy in the comments… but this is usually with those people who are being condescending or engaging in bad faith.)

But seriously, you are all sweet and awesome for noticing and being concerned. I’ll be sure to post and advise if I decide to move locations, but it should be fine ’cause I’m already using my own url ( and that’ll move with me.

Also… do people actually want a way to contact me? I could possibly put my email up, especially for those who might have wanted to ask questions or whatever but in a non-public sort of fashion… Comment if you are interested!

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  1. neyronrose · · Reply

    I was one of the Glee fans who was concerned. I got so much out of your posts about Glee, particularly about Blaine and Darren Criss. RM of Letters from Titan had linked to your post about the Michael episode, and I read that and your other Glee posts. Then I read all the other posts, and got a lot out of them, too. I’m very glad you’re back.


    1. Oh, hey! Awesome! :D

      I’ve actually seen some of your lj posts because you’ve linked to my blog in the past. I’m incredibly happy to hear that you’ve found the posts interesting/useful.

      Feel free to comment in the future and thanks for caring.

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