More on Blaine’s body language


I have a burning need to talk about this scene and Blaine’s body language here. Almost bashful. Definitely uncertain and insecure.

But… this body language (more than anything) makes me believe in RM’s theory of sexual abuse…because what the fuck is happening here?

No. Really. I need someone more capable of reading/understanding body language to explain it to me like I’m two.


  1. Not an expert on body language, but I can agree with you. He seems to be almost curled in on himself and also doesn’t seem to be making eye contact either, which can point to an almost-fear or remembrance of past-fear and insecurity. I’ve also read RM’s post and almost agree with it, as much as I don’t want something like that for Blaine, it would make sense (if portrayed correctly).

    1. I’m not sure this is something that’ll be portrayed (re: abuse). I really doubt that even glee would be willing to delve into such an important but touchy subject.

      I also wish that I had edited a bit of video instead of the gifs… The tone of his voice here also waved a giant flag of some kind.

      Thanks for leaving this comment!

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