The White-Washing of Blaine Anderson

Okay… So I got into a discussion with Deconstructing Glee over how Blaine has become white washed. They also noted how Blaine looked like a mime in one episode. Anyway, I wanted to show how Blaine, while a light-skinned Asian, has become strangely pink in Season 3.

Here are some pics of his skin in candids:

See? Light skinned, but not very pink.

Now here are some from Season 2:

Obviously has make up now and a little flushed from dancing in the second pic.

Here are two from Season 3:

Look at how pink his skin looks! I’m sure more than one person will think I’m just seeing too much into this and not understanding how make up works… But look at the difference in skin tone between his face and his arm in the second pic. My skin tone isn’t that far off of Blaine’s. I can get a little rosy from exercise or whatever, but my skin ain’t pink. I’ve also worn make up before. I know, and the make up artists know, that they are making his skin pinker than it actually is. Thus, white washing.

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  1. NellieNDM · · Reply

    I followed this over from Deconstructing Glee, And I find this discussion really interesting. One of my pet topics is how we are navigating looks in the age of HDTV. (Sports look beautiful in HD, drama not so much as every zit, red spot and pore shows up very clearly in HD. Additionally previous to HD, visual media would wash people out so there was a desire to have a lot of contrast to clearly show facial features, in HD contrast is magnified so even naturally high contrast features are going to read unnaturally, and are toned down to so that the actor looks natural). Now that you know where I am coming from…

    I think you have some interesting points…but I hesitate to say it is definitely whitewashing at this point. Looking at your pictures, I am having hard time seeing that it is a clear consistent make up thing. Some of the lighting is wonky so it is really hard to compare different skin tones. Secondly, depending on what they are trying to even out, he may need pinker make-up at times (he got some sun, has the zit that ate New York erupting on his forehead, razor burn, etc).

    On Grey’s Anatomy, they had a bi-racial character with a white father, and they never had definitely stated that his character was bi-racial. Then the character’s mum shows up and she was a person of color. But the show never commented on the character being bi-racial. So until they show Anderson pere and mere, I am willing give the show the benefit of the doubt.

    Teal Deer version: They may be whitewashing, but I am unwilling to definitely state it as so until we know it is, because there may be a bigger narrative, or just how he has been reading on screen.

    1. I can see your point… And your comments about HDTV make me think that perhaps it is the fact that I’m not watching anything in HD that is skewing my perception of his skin tone in the show. Something to think about…

      I do see how the makeup has been pretty inconsistent this season, at times looking more pink and others more olive/non-white, however, part of my issue here is how this sort of this does happen unconsciously. I just find that pink tone in his skin so jarring and strange looking.

      Who is the Grey’s Anatomy character? I can’t remember much from that show…

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