(Originally posted at Womanist Musings. Posting here for archival purposes.) So. A kickstarter campaign recently came across my path. I’ll be nice and link to it and let people make their own decisions about the project. The intended documentary is “Gender Blender: A Movie about a Third Gender.” And on the page it defines ‘third gender’ as: […]

And it is only the beginning of a fairly long week. Having one of those days when all I can see are the not so great decisions I’ve made because I was too scared to be bold or daring. All I want is to get a job that pays okay and work and not have […]

So my blog had apparently been flagged by the spam controls and, thusly, removed. :( Obviously, you can see that I’m back. I’m considering going to independent hosting to prevent something like this from happening again… (I’m fairly certain that my crossposting with other places and using wordpress as my writing archive is what got […]

Looking over some of the notes after I commented on that ‘conventional logic’ comic where people are surprised that I’d have something to say? Or, idk? Having one person strike out everything I and Riley wrote?  Okay. Really?  Sure. I get the humour of the comic. I also shake my head at people not realizing […]

Tumblr has been doing a great job of getting me stop thinking that average white d00d = hot.  Like. That really is one of the most yucky bits of colonization where your brain just immediately thinks that white = better looking.  But. My dash is mostly free of white people and I’m definitely starting to […]

Like, I don’t know why this comic was made or anything but I’m kinda side eyeing it based on a certain thing that pretty much happens all the time on tumblr or when people are talking about their lives. Sure. You make a claim or argument and you have to back it up. This is […]

I really am an atheist. I don’t believe in the existence of any theistic god as defined by theistic god = personal, loving creator god.  I’m agnostic about all other ghosts, spirits, beings, deities, etc., that don’t match that fairly narrow criteria.  This means that, yes, it is possible (as far as I’m concerned) that […]